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Irene Silver vs Jennifer Thomas Fight 1 – Female Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 11 mins

Two queens of the HTM Boxing Ring clash! Jennifer Thomas, a veteran with many fights under her belt, vs the taller and stronger Irene Silver who has been on one hell of a tear through the scene. We’re expecting one hell of a brawl! But… is it? Seems like Irene is rocking Jennifer HARD! Irene’s right in particular manages to CRUSH Jennifer easily, sending her crashing to the canvas. We know Irene Silver is strong, but her punching power is decimating Jennifer in a way that’s completely surprising. Jennifer is barely able to answer Irene’s offense and is dominated in a pretty one sided boxing beatdown squash match, with a KO victory for Irene as Jennifer is unable to beat the count.

After a short breather, an enraged Jennifer is in complete disbelief at her loss to Irene. Jennifer demands to see what’s in Irene’s gloves, and the smug and celebratory Irene suddenly changes her tone. It seems we may have had some cheating, as Irene was using a loaded glove! Thus setting up the next fight in the series, soon to come!

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Fantasy female boxing

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