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Foxy Rocky vs Drago
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 30 mins

Erika returns as Foxy Rocky! Her opponent, the intimidating Russian powerhouse Drago (played by Duchess Dani). They bring your movie-like boxing fantasies to life!
Pre-match, we learn tragedy has struck and Rocky is looking for revenge. A cold and emotionless Drago just wants to fight for glory. A quick training montage and this intense action packed topless boxing match is on. Both women take a beating in all out war! “Blood” is even drawn, and someone will be knocked . out . cold. Will Rocky get her revenge?

Spoiler: Rocky wins by knockout!

Tags: Fantasy Boxing , Topless, Movie

Models: Erika Jordan (black) as Foxy Rocky, Duchess Dani (red) as Ivana Drago

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