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Felicia vs Aaron Hummer
Genre: Mixed Boxing -- Length: 18 mins

Felicia went to Canada recently for a series of matches at Mutiny’s studio, eager to take on Aaron Hummer after seeing him dominate both women and men alike.

This is their second 1 on 1 mixed boxing match, with a focus on close ups of real belly punching, and including some breast punching, clinching and low blows.
The savagery of Aaron’s punches is truly intense, with a fervent lust for dominating and punishing her.
The brutal beating leaves Felicia is barely able to stand, getting dragged around like a rag doll in the clinches before Aaron finally knocks her out for the 10 count.

David Angell can be seen filming (and enjoying) the beatdown, highlights from his footage are included at the end.

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