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Denise vs KK Qing Boxing Part 2
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 8 mins

Rounds 3-5 of KK Qing vs Dynamite Denise Boxing. 
Round 3 sees Denise doing her best to land her hopping punches on to KK’s far away face, but KK is still easily dominating. Apparently no one taught Denise to work the body!
Round 4 sees the confident KK deciding to fight with one arm behind her back! Well, mostly…
Denise just can’t seem to land any effective punches while KK Qing is knocking Denise down again and again, and Round 5 spells the end for Denise as a final uppercut (with KK’s other arm behind her back) seals the deal for Denise’s defeat. A very dominant beatdown by KK Qing!

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Fantasy female boxing – Part 2 of 2

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