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Bella Ink vs Delta Topless Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 20 mins

Bella Ink is looking for some payback on Sam Grace, but Delta stands in her way. Bella isn’t sweating this newbie, even though she’s a taller. Strip boxing rules, every knockdown a girl must take off some clothing. Bella dominates Delta in the first round, showing that her rookie boxing skills aren’t gonna fly here. Delta’s body gets pounded and her head snapped repeatedly. At the start of round 2, Delta attacks Bella while she’s still in her corner, and scores a knockdown. Bella must now take off her top, and enraged at the cheap shot. Bella corners Delta and hammers her ferociously, until Delta goes down. When she gets back up, we see she has some battle damage on her right eye! Delta must also remove her top, and the fight continues. It’s a back and forth battle with both girls taking damage and ending up in their panties, but Bella is dishing out far more punishment. After hammering Delta’s belly and breasts, she falls to the canvas and can’t make the 10 count. Bella ties Delta’s arms to the ropes and continues to beat on her in the corner, all while sending a message to Samantha Grace. Your winner, Bella Ink!

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