Silly Boxing - Autumn vs Roxie - Silly Boxing -

Autumn vs Roxie – Silly Boxing
Genre: Silly Boxing
Length: 17 mins

This custom boxing clip starts off with a bang, Autumn talking trash and Roxie sucker punching her dazed right off the bat. Autumn is knocked silly, her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolling. This sets the pace for the fantasy boxing brawl, both girls trading big punches with a large emphasis on their reactions. Both girls get knocked silly, but who gets knocked out?

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Boxing Women

Spoilers: Double Knockout!

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Silly boxing with goofy reaction custom in the vein of Nicole vs Jennifer Silly Boxing, Frankie Z vs Raquel Silly Boxing and Dia Zerva vs Hollywood Silly Boxing! Lots of eye rolling, tongues hanging out and beautiful boxing women.

Posted -02-23-2016
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