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Aradika vs Irene Silver Foxy Boxing
Genre: Female Boxing -- Length: 19 mins

Queen Aradika returns to Hit the Mat to take on superstar Irene Silver! Sporting the Warrior Skirts and 8oz vintage style small, hard boxing gloves, this hot boxing match gets even hotter when Aradika decides to remove both their tops mid match. Both foxy fighters are fired up for a brawl and ready to knock the other one out, with a quick pace throwing lots of big punches and vicious headsnaps, hair whips, gut busting belly punches, dizzy girls looking woozy and punchdrunk and multiple knockdowns until the final KO (and upskirt flashes courtesy of those warrior skirts!).

Spoilers – Queen Aradika wins by KO (official ending)
Alternate ending where Irene Silver KO’s Aradika also included

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Fantasy female boxing

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