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Crotchbusting Catfight - Raquel vs Onyx Crotchbusting Catfight -

Raquel vs Onyx Crotchbusting Catfight
Genre: Crotchbusting Catfight
Length: 21 mins

From the vault! A custom video featuring Raquel vs Onyx in a type of fantasy match we haven’t done previously. Raquel is the Hardcore Champion and challenges Onyx to a Anything Goes match. The Onyx answers the challenge and makes Raquel regret saying “anything goes”! She balls up a roll of coins in her and decks Raquel, knocking her down immediately. Onyx goes on the attack and assaults the crotch of her downed opponent. Raquel takes a humiliating beating at the hands of Onyx (and her roll of coins!), and is completely destroyed.

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Female Wrestling Cuntbusting

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