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Length: 28 mins
HTMV14 Kat vs. Jade -   on 06/12/2010

Jade and Kat show up at a HTM audtion to be the next HTM girl. They are informed that only one can have the job, and they both decide the best way to find that out is on the mats!

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Length: 40 mins
HTMV15 Kat/Jade vs. Darrius -   on 06/13/2010

On Sale! Kat and Jade, having just fought a catfight for a contract for HTM, find out Darrius has canceled the contract. Big mistake! Both girls take out their anger on Darrius making him promise a contract. It’s a 2 on 1 Mixed Wrestling beatdown!

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HTMV48 Nicole vs Kat Belly Punching -   Posted on 08/12/2010

On Sale! Nicole vs Kat complete belly punching video. Nicole Oring and Kat test each others tummies to see who has the best abs, capable of taking the most belly punishment. Both girls’ stomachs get redder as the rounds progress. These two slim sexy Asian girls have quite the slugfest! Female belly punching doesn’t get any sexier than this.

Length: 25 mins

You want some cookies? No? How about if Kat beats your ass for them?? The bet is set and the fantasy mixed wrestling match is on!

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Length: 11 mins

A squash match of epic proportions as KK Qing dominates and destroys Dynamite Denise!

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Status: Local - Unknown

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