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Newest Fighter - Sarita! -

Newest Fighter – Sarita!

Hit the Mat introduces our newest Fem Fatale, Sarita! Her and Duncan waste no time in this clip as the action starts right from the start with Sarita throwing Duncan to the ground, then trying to choke the life out of him. He tries to roll her off, but she pushes him around and tosses him away using her feet. She pounces on Duncan then puts him in a modified head scissor. Duncan escapes and locks her in a painful chin lock. As he rolls her over, she wiggles free and jumps right back on him, making him pay for trying to submit her. She puts him in a camel clutch that stretches him more than he has ever been stretched. This is a very high energy match up as the struggle for dominant position. Full nelsons, body scissors, eye rakes, standing head scissors, head locks, fireman carry’s, and arm bars are just some of the moves these two put on each other. Sarita might be inexperienced but she knows how to kick ass! Duncan is no rookie when it comes to wrestling, but his strength is countered by her knowledge of painful pressure points. Sarita vows to make him, “Cry like a little bitch” as she comes in and knees him to the body. Sarita likes to pounce on his back when his is on all fours making him collapse to the mats. Dimensions 704 X 480 Running time 7 minutes 37 seconds.

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