New Mixed Boxing Andrea vs Duncan
Genre: Mixed Boxing
Length: 8 mins
Andrea graces our studio in her HTM premiere match to take on Duncan. She’s seen him box and is unimpressed with his skills and she thinks it will not take very long. Duncan walks in, while she is warming up, to confront her talking, and immediately Andrea pops him in the face with a left jab. From that point Andrea just pummels over matched Duncan, all over the mats. Duncan tries to land some punches, but Andrea’s skill is too much for him. She blocks, slips, bobs and weaves every punch he throws, while he is basically a punching bag for her. Andrea knocks Duncan to the mats several times. The only thing more painful than her punches is the beautiful smile she has on her face as she avoids Duncan’s punches, and knocks him around with her own. Will Duncan ever be able to get over this loss, or will he go back and train more for this boxing beauty?
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