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Cali Logan is back at Hit the Mat, this time for a sexy topless POV boxing video. The energetic Cali bounces and taunts as she pummels “you” until you’re on your back looking up at her hot form, as she celebrates over you.
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Cali Logan takes on Nicole Oring in a female boxing match! With Darrius as the referee?? Right from the very start, neither of the girls are happy to see Darrius in the same ring with them. The boxing match starts and as Cali and Nicole are trading blows, Darrius begins to interfere. While at first it looks like he’s in Cali’s corner, both girls quickly find out he takes no sides and is out to do whatever he pleases. Darrius holds Nicole’s arms back so Cali has free shots to her belly, and then does the same to Nicole! Apparently, Darrius is out to prove he can be impartial. The boxing action is sexy with a bit of humor.
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Cali Logan vs Darrius Rnd 9-10 -   on 05/26/2011

The bell sounds for Round 9 and Cali Logan looks totally out of it! Darrius quickly batters Cali back into the corner where she helplessly takes another beating. An endless barrage of belly punches leaves her reeling, desperate for a clinch which only ends up with her taking a shot that puts her down. Dazed and unfocused, Cali manages to make it to her feet but can’t get her gloves up. Darrius shows no mercy as he batters her around more, avoiding her weak punches and beating her back into the corner again and again. Round 10 sees Cali barely able to even get her gloves up as Darrius moves in for the . Cali tries to cover up but can’t stop the endless blows. Darrius finally puts her out of her misery with an uppercut and hooks combination that sends Cali to the canvas for a 10 count. See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW

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Cali Logan vs Darrius Rnd 7-8 -   on 05/17/2011
Mixed Boxing HTM120d

Cali Logan comes out of her corner at the start of the round looking punch and weary. Darrius immediately goes to work with a punch to the belly followed by a hook to the head. Cali is battered around and quickly dropped. She struggles to stay up, and soon Darrius is picking her up off the canvas and trapping her in the corner, working her over like a punching bag. Cali is out on her feet as she suffers punishing punches to the body and head. Both rounds see Cali continually punished, knocked down, then picked back up so the beating can continue! See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW

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Mixed Boxing

Cali starts off full of energy as she bounces around avoiding Darrius’ attempts to knock her out, but soon she gets caught and is in a world of hurt! She gets knocked around and belly punched into oblivion. Can Darrius maintain the advantage? See it on our Clips4Sale Store, or BUY NOW

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Video Prices: DVD : 38.00 :: WMV : 36.00 :: HTMV67 Cali Logan vs Darrius -   Posted on 03/17/2011

From the archives, this is the mixed boxing match up that started the rivalry between Cali Logan and Darrius. The sexy Cali has no fear as she taunt Darrius before the bell. They both square off and immediately it is speed vs strength, as Cali avoids the big gloves of Darrius. Can this little tigress put Darrius down, or will he make Cali his pretty little punching bag?

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Cali Logan returns to Hit the Mat! Duncan spars with Cali to see if her boxing has improved since last time, and she easily knocks him out cold! But is it enough to stop Darrius? Her top comes off and the fight is on! Her lovely breasts bounce with each punch she gives and takes. Can she knock Darrius out too? Find out at our Clips4Sale store!

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